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Two Hot Days In Washington DC by Thomas Hogg

Last week, my friend Kristi and I took a two day trip to our nations capital, Washington DC. My sister recently graduated from a school in the area, so we stayed at her place. Below is a little summary of … Continue reading

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Portraits: Danci Dann

These images are portraits of fellow writer, Danci Dann. I’m posting them for a couple reasons. First and foremost, I love this film stock. Secondly, the camera shop that developed these did an amazing job for an very low price. Copyright 2010 … Continue reading

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The Money Month: July 2010

It has been a little while since I have explored this summer’s film endeavors.  There is a cluster of highly anticipated summer films that have come and gone, some of which went on to substantial financial and critical success while … Continue reading


Leaked Online: Animal Collective – ODDSAC

If you already know, then you’re probably super excited for Animal Collective’s new visual album: ODDSAC. Wait. A ‘visual album’? What does this mean? It means that Danny Perez, who has made quite a few experimental videos, has been working … Continue reading

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Quick Update: Contact Information

Well, we have seen a large influx of users lately. I’ve gotten more than just a few emails on my personal email account about my Inception article. So, I decided to change the way we are contacted. Our twitter account … Continue reading

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Inception: A Review

Christopher Nolan is one of those directors who has managed to catapult himself into the realm of not only critical and financial success, but respect as an auteur filmmaker.  Though it would be hard to imagine him as such, but … Continue reading


Leaked Online: “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire

It’s been unintentionally released to the masses. It’s been let loose via the internet and it’s very complicated series of tubes. This is my premature, first listen, review of The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. I’m not going to say I … Continue reading

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