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Concert Review: Autolux & Interview with Gold Panda

I was sporting black hoodies and a bad case of acne when I was first introduced to the band that would change my entire perception of underground indie music, and music in general. At the age of fourteen I had … Continue reading

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So here it is, the first of many of my youtube videos; This is one of my favourite songs by Joanna Newsom of the album Have One On Me. I have not written any of my own songs and so … Continue reading

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The Bad, The Inspired, The Bokeh Every 365 is different. For an experienced photographer it can be a chronicle, a diary if you will of a whole year, or a challenge. For a rookie, like myself, it can be hell. … Continue reading

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Hello everyone! Thank you Spencer, for giving me this incredible opportunity to express my ideas and showcase my creativity. Following by Nathalie’s example, this will just be a little introduction about who I am and what you can expect from … Continue reading

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Bora Bora in Super 8mm!

A while back you may have read my investigative report No Tears for Bora Bora, an interesting look at a corrupt government in the French paradise. Full disclosure: it was also a great vacation spot (obviously) and I have recently just … Continue reading

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Featured Artist: Ashlee Espinal

Just wanted to post a few pictures from a good friend and fellow UArts Sophomore, Ashlee Espinal. Out of her work, these are a few of my favorite compositions. She is currently studying Photography at the University of the Arts in … Continue reading

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The Wikileaks War Log Release: We’re Missing the Point

You know the Pentagon has run out of options when they ask someone to “do the right thing.” This was, of course, in reference to the July 25th WikiLeaks bombshell, a 76,000 page long report written by soldiers and intelligence … Continue reading

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