Incase ya’missed-it: Revolving Door Radio Episode 1.

Just a quick follow up to the show, here is the track listening of music we played on our first show with Revolving Door Radio.

  1. Imitosis – Andrew Bird
  2. Memories – Leonard Cohen
  3. Don’t Cry – Deer Hunter
  4. Soul of a Man – Ramblin’ Jack Elliot
  5. Hot Rod Hotel – Billy Brag & Wilco
  6. Coyote Song – Bright Eyes
  7. My Pet Snakes – Jenny and Johnny
  8. I Want Wind to Blow – The Microphones
  9. Day in Day Out – Nat “King” Cole w/ Cut Chemist
  10. Wasted Hours – Arcade Fire
  11. Love is All – Tallest Man on Earth
  12. The Gardener – Tallest Man on Earth
  13. Singapore – Tom Waits
  14. My Body’s a Zombie for You – Dead Man’s Bones
  15. Futile Devices – Sufjan Stevens
  16. All for Myself – Sufjan Stevens
  17. Kazoo – Les Claypool
  18. Conversation 16 – The National
  19. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire

We had some nice conversation about:

  • ANTI-, A Record label housing Tom Waits as well as a very impressive roster.
  • Sound Strike, a musical protest against Arizona’s recent and racist legislation.
  • The new and final bright eyes album, and what it means for his career.
  • TRASH HUMPERS the most recent film by Harmony Korine.
  • A brief review of The Tallest Man on Earth’s concert at TLA in Philadelphia
  • Sufjan Steven’s radical departure in his music. Why it’s amazing.
  • Jordan’s project, JPM is Dead.
  • BUS 42, Jordan and I’s feature length film.

Thanks so much for listening, I hope more of you join us next week.

Until then,

Spencer Starnes, Jordan Paul Miles, and Kevin Wright.

About Spencer Starnes

Founder of the Revolving Door Project. Originally from West Texas, Spencer currently lives in Center City Philadelphia. He is currently earning his degree is Communications with an emphasis in film making from the University of the Arts. He is a film maker, photographer, and a writer. His photography can be found at his portfolio.
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