Short Film: Zeus’ Plateau

Zeus’ Plateau from Spencer Starnes on Vimeo.

It’s called Zeus’ Plateau, a name that somehow stuck to the apartment. It stars myself, and my room mate Jordan. My friend Mickey, has never touched a video camera. He was the perfect DP for this spur of the moment film.

We wrote, rehearsed, planned, shot, captured, edited, sound mixed, and compressed all in 1.5 hours. It is, by design, a flawed film.

It’s a comedy, and the sequel to an earlier film, You’re a Long Way from Home Kid.

UPDATE: This is our 100th post!

About Spencer Starnes

Founder of the Revolving Door Project. Originally from West Texas, Spencer currently lives in Center City Philadelphia. He is currently earning his degree is Communications with an emphasis in film making from the University of the Arts. He is a film maker, photographer, and a writer. His photography can be found at his portfolio.
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