The Morning Benders w/ Twin Sister and Oberhofer @ The First Unitarian Church 11/11/10

Last night I went to a show at The First Unitarian Church. Every show that I have gone to at this small church basement has been off the hook, so I expected nothing less from the night. The headliner for the night was The Morning Benders who are on the list of my favorite bands. They were originally from Berkley, California, but have since moved to Brooklyn, New York. They currently have two full length albums out, Talking Through Tin Cans and Echoes. Both of which have a different feel to them, but both which are great albums in and of themselves. You should definitely check them both out.


(c) Ernest Haines

There were two acts supporting The Morning Benders, Oberhofer and Twin Sister. When I first discovered that The Morning Benders were going to be playing I immediately looked at the two supporting acts to see if they were worthwhile. I immediately fell in love with Oberhofer. If you asked me what exactly I liked about Brad Oberhofer’s music, I would probably say that it was how unfiltered and catchy it was.. and partially the fact that he writes and records all the music himself.


(c) Ernest Haines


When I first heard some of his music, I couldn’t stop listening. At the time of writing this, I have probably listened to the EP I bought at the show probably four times in a row. I am so glad I got to see Brad Live. When he plays live, he has a band playing alongside him.

I was fortunate enough to grab a quick interview with him after the show in which I gleaned some nice bits of information from him

He was a really cool guy to interview, and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him (thanksman!)

I could talk for a while about how I really like his music, but I feel that it really talks for itself and is also really awesome. You should definitely check him out!

He was really awesome live! I really enjoyed the spirit he and his band portrayed when he was playing. After the interview with him, I discovered that he will be on tour again within the next year with a lot of his new material so hopefully within that tour he will hit Philadelphia again. I am personally excited to see what comes from Brad’s mind, and how his music shapes over time.


(c) Ernest Haines

After he was done, I looked towards the second act to continue my excitement.

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The second band to come up was Twin Sister. They are a five piece from Long Island, New York and they play some chill synth based indie electronic. Eric from Twin Sister met Andrea, the lead singer, when he was 14 and she was 16. They were bored and decided to start writing songs together. Later on Brian, the of the band joined, but when he moved away Andrea and Eric started recording music with Dev, the keyboardist, and Gabe, the basist. When Brian came back from Texas, he jumped back into the group finishing the five piece.

Twin Sister

(c) Ernest Haines

Unfortunately, the lights were turned down for this set so I was not able to snap as many photos as I would have liked. Twin Sister played a really chilled out setlist. Their music was really interesting and chilled out. I would have liked to pick up an album from their merch table after the show, but I was preoccupied at the time.

Even though the lights were down, I put my camera away and listened to the music being played. They played a really good mix of songs…all of which I enjoyed.

The next up were The Morning Benders. Their entire set was amazing. That is pretty much all I can say about it. While I loved the other two acts that played previously, there was a special place in my heart for The Morning Benders. I first discovered them last year when I was looking through my music library. I am not sure when I first got the music exactly, but I know that one day I found them lying in my music library. I listened to the entire “Talking Through Tin Cans” album and immediately fell in love. I can remember telling my friend distinctly “wow man, I don’t remember how I found this band, but they are really awesome!”

Morning Benders

(c) Ernest Haines

Their set lived up to my expectations of the band. They played a number of their slower songs to begin with but slowly turned to a lot of their more upbeat songs.

At one point they played a cover of Sublime’s “Garden Grove.” I was really impressed with the performance by Chris Chu and the rest of his bandmates. They played just as well live as they did on their recorded material.

The Morning Benders

(c) Ernest Haines

They ended their set with the song “Excuses.” It was definitely something else.

Each band that played impressed me in a different way. Oberhofer really impressed me with the fact that a 20 something year old is producing his own music and rocking out with as r5productions calls it “noisy exuberance of youth.” I was impressed by the performance of Twin sister as I was not exactly sure what to expect (because there is little information on the internet), and I was impressed by The Morning Benders Live performance. I had not heard any of the bands playing last night before in a live performance, but they rocked my night and it was worth being at the venue from seven o’ clock till about twelve o’ clock.

The Morning Benders

(c) Ernest Haines

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  1. TR says:

    You should really work on your writing, it’s weak and full of errors. If you’re going to review bands you should probably talk about what genre they are, why you think they’re so great, and compare them to other bands; rather than typing a bunch of diarrhea-of-the-fingers-esque things that just come off as “OMG SHOWS ARE SO KOOL GUYS, PEOPLE IN BANDS ARE THE KOOLEST EVER HERP DERP!!!1” You don’t seem to have any real musical insight.

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