Hacked iPhone 4

I recently decided to hack my iPhone again (first time with iPhone 4). I jailbroke it and went app crazy, I found many apps that make my life 10x easier. Here are a few of them:

1. MiWi 4.0: MiWi turns your iPhone into a walking airport extremem base station, password protection and encryption included.

2. qTweeter: This application adds a tweet HUD you can access while inside any application simply by dragging it from your status bar.

3. I installed an app that allows me to add my twitter feed, mail, calendar, and many other things to my lock screen, here is what that looks like.

And lastly I made custom icons for my iPhone using my medium format film shots. So here is my new Homescreen.

About Kenneth Edwards

I am an 18 year old artist living in Orlando Florida. I'm a Singer, Pianist, Violinist, and Photographer.
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