Short Film: Generation Loss

This film is the result of my attempt to recreate the style of Impressionism within a completely different medium.

I did this with two main points in my mind. The first is the visual aesthetic. Blurred, gazed, and devoid of detail. This lack of details allows the viewer to visually interpret the scene. It is in this interpretation in which we personalize the paintings to our own, unique, vision.

This personalization by interpretation is what I’ve attempted to achieve. It’s what makes impressionism work.

This is my first attempt. For the reproduction of the “Interpretable style” I turned towards the technique of generation loss. The process of copying a copy in a lossy, analog, fashion. Same practice as copying one image multiple times over on a copy machine.

Instead of a copy machine, I used my video camera and my television.

I shot all of my footage around Philadelphia’s museum district captured, edited and then exported to DVD. I would play the DVD on my Television, and videotape the screen. Rinse Wash and Repeat, until it looks like it does. This video accounts for six cycles of generation loss.

The second thing I wanted to employ is feeling of endless time. Time has always been represented in Impressionistic paintings beautifully. The image has a seamless flow, often giving the illusion of motion.

My biggest challenge with time was that, video, by nature exhibits motion. I needed to find an additional method to embolden the passing of time. To solve this problem I employed the use of diptych. The process of placing two images next to each other to reinforce an idea.

Ultimately, while I feel the project is visually interesting and a valuable learning experience, I have not achieved what I wanted. I wanted to create a film which inhabits the same visual space as Impressionistic Painters. Generation loss, did not lend itself to the goal as I predicted.

About Spencer Starnes

Founder of the Revolving Door Project. Originally from West Texas, Spencer currently lives in Center City Philadelphia. He is currently earning his degree is Communications with an emphasis in film making from the University of the Arts. He is a film maker, photographer, and a writer. His photography can be found at his portfolio.
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