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First Jump Students

So today, Sunday June 27, 2010, started pretty slow. There were four students, and a fun jumper at the drop zone at 10:30 A.M. I packed a few parachutes, put the students in the classroom and they began their day … Continue reading

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Life on a Drop Zone: The community of skydivers.

‘New life on  the drop zone is nothing short of amazing.’ A skydiver that just had a baby or a new face that sticks around for some odd years. The first jump is always fun and exciting. One of my … Continue reading

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The Chronicle of John Berry

I was born September 5, 1985 in Midland, Texas to a Brent Lee Berry and a Mary Catherine Fisher. I would say that I am a pretty personable person, I LOVE to love. I’ve been here and there for the … Continue reading

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