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Let me formally introduce myself, I am Jordan Paul Miles (JP Mockels if you prefer). I would like to consider myself to be a film connoisseur, being very knowledgeable of film dynamic, history, and production. I also like to write my own fiction and my own form of gonzo journalism. Enjoy reading and I'll continue to write.

Perry Barking-Mad by Jordan Paul Miles

It’s not as if anyone has never seen a mess like this before.  I remember the sordid days at the private school I went to, all of the arbitrary screaming, crying, and shit throwing.  I suppose that I am now … Continue reading

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Concert: GANG, August 11th

On Wednesday August, 11th, 2010 I found myself in a large, enthusiastic crowd in Rittenhouse Square.  It was a free concert night in Center City and everyone was gorging on free vitamin water samples, I ran into an abundance of … Continue reading

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The Money Month: July 2010

It has been a little while since I have explored this summer’s film endeavors.  There is a cluster of highly anticipated summer films that have come and gone, some of which went on to substantial financial and critical success while … Continue reading


Inception: A Review

Christopher Nolan is one of those directors who has managed to catapult himself into the realm of not only critical and financial success, but respect as an auteur filmmaker.  Though it would be hard to imagine him as such, but … Continue reading


A Gray Night: A Weird Little Anecdote About the Streets of Philadelphia on a Cloudy Little Night

Strange thing about a night in Philadelphia, it’s hard to tell where it will lead.  Sometimes it’s to the bad and sometimes to greatness, but always to the weird.  That’s the reason why it proves useful to know the weird … Continue reading

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Top 5 Quentin Tarantino films of the past decade…

Now, Quentin Tarantino is the greatest film director of all time.  He has a vision that is unmatched in the film business.  He’s a cinematic icon and he isn’t even in his fifties yet.  I remember the moment that it … Continue reading

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Why I love Primus.

All, Many of you who know me personally are savvy to my love of the band Primus and it’s leader Les Claypool.  You would know that one of the only other things that I talk obsessively about other than films … Continue reading

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