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I am an 18 year old artist living in Orlando Florida. I'm a Singer, Pianist, Violinist, and Photographer.

Hacked iPhone 4

I recently decided to hack my iPhone again (first time with iPhone 4). I jailbroke it and went app crazy, I found many apps that make my life 10x easier. Here are a few of them:

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Boston Conservatory

As you may know I attend the Boston Conservatory of Music as an Opera Major. I recently gained a bit of extra time and had trouble deciding how to spend it. I decided a fun and interesting use of my … Continue reading

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To Edit, or Not To Edit: Briefly considering the scanned image.

I am a film photographer. I shoot 99% of my photographs with my Hasselblad 500C/M. I take a lot of pride in these photographs, and put a lot of thought into how the picture should come out before I even … Continue reading

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Very Briefly: Visiting Philadelphia

I was looking through some photos I had saved on my external hardrive. I found photos that I had scanned the last time I was at UArts  in February, while staying with my good friend Spencer Starnes. During that time … Continue reading

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Very Briefly: Flickr by Kenneth Edwards

Flickr is one of the most popular image hosting and browsing sights ont he planet. Both Spencer (creator of this blog) and I use this service to promote and host our photos, not to mention link them to our blogs.

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Stardust Coffee

Living in Winter Park (Orlando) Florida there are a few establishments that one might frequent. One of my favorites is Stardust Coffee. Stardust is a very eclectic and interesting place to go. The walls covered in artwork, every inch revealing … Continue reading

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Portraits: It’s what I do, and what I collect

I am a portrait photographer. My favorite camera to use is my Hasselblad 500C/M. Here are some examples from the Hasselblad. More after the break

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