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Harmony Korine’s Hand Created, Limited Edition, “Trash Humpers” VHS

As promised on tonight’s show, Here are the pictures of my limited edition (only two hundred in the entire world) hand created VHS copy of Harmony Korine’s nightmare fuel “Trash Humpers”. It arrived in my mailbox tucked away in a … Continue reading

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Bora Bora in Super 8mm!

A while back you may have read my investigative report No Tears for Bora Bora, an interesting look at a corrupt government in the French paradise. Full disclosure: it was also a great vacation spot (obviously) and I have recently just … Continue reading

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The Wikileaks War Log Release: We’re Missing the Point

You know the Pentagon has run out of options when they ask someone to “do the right thing.” This was, of course, in reference to the July 25th WikiLeaks bombshell, a 76,000 page long report written by soldiers and intelligence … Continue reading

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The Fraternal Order of Capital Punishers

By most accounts, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea don’t have much in common with The United States of America, at least not politically. If we expand the list to include Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan it would begin … Continue reading

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Captain Womboozle and the Carbon Nuclear Accelerator Disaster of Grímsey

We were roughly 3 kilometers from the rocky shores of Grímsey, Iceland’s north-most island, when I came to the realization that not all alien life forms are intelligent ones. Womboozle, while intriguing for no other reason than for being the … Continue reading

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Another Trip in the Trunk of a Moving Vehicle – A Short Story

Another Trip in the Trunk of a Moving Vehicle This wasn’t the first time Javier had found himself in the trunk of a moving vehicle, but it was surely the most precarious of circumstances. He had once managed to twist … Continue reading

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No Tears For Bora Bora – An Investigative Report From Paradise

In the Spring of 2010 I traveled to the Society Islands of French Polynesia to escape the rigors of Philadelphia. The idea was to find a remote beach to fall asleep on, but instead I was consumed with a true … Continue reading

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