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Sarah is from Texas and is currently an undergraduate student at New York University. She's working on two Bachelors of Arts degrees in Physics and Urban Design/Architecture.

Bizarro British: Three Crazy Animators

Everyone knows the Brits have their quirks… from architecture, to music, to food, to fashion and to, the subject of this post, animation.  Three animators: Cyriak Harris, Jonti Picking, and Joel Veitch have made some of the funniest, catchiest, and … Continue reading

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“Viva España” – Fútbol in London

In case you’re unaware, Spain won the World Cup against Holland this past Sunday. Piccadilly Circus went NUTS. I apologize that these are kind of blurry pictures from my iPhone, but I feel that this is worth noting. more insanity:

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First Impressions: The UK

It’s sunny, breezy, and 23°C here in Londontown. First off, let me say that after only four and a half hours here, I don’t want to come back. I will live in London at some point in my life. It has … Continue reading

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London: pre-departure stream of consciousness.

As previously mentioned, I’m going on a trip to the United Kingdom to take a class on British Architecture. The furthest I’ve ever been from the US is Canada – and I was four years old at the time – so … Continue reading

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Buzz Lightyear: The NASA Space Logs

(Photo courtesty of Yes, really.) Our favorite space ranger has returned from the longest space mission ever performed by an astronaut. Buzz spent “over 450 days in space” at the International Space Station working alongside astronauts from across the … Continue reading

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Live Streaming of TEDxOilSpill: 9:00am on June 28th

I was just introduced to TED talks about a year ago. For anyone who doesn’t know, TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Conferences were started in 1984 as a way to “spread ideas worth sharing.” Today, conferences are still held in Long Beach … Continue reading

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M. Ward’s Beer of Choice? – The Budweiser Commercials

This past November, Budweiser ads featuring “Never Had Nobody Like You” by M. Ward started playing during football games. I never sit down to watch TV at school, so I just saw one of these commercials for the first time … Continue reading

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Seven statements surrounding Sarah Serpas

Because this is a Project that will thrive on the opinions, personalities, and lives of its writers (AND readers – please comment on any post to begin a discussion!), I figured it’s worthwhile to share a few things about myself. … Continue reading

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