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Perry Barking-Mad by Jordan Paul Miles

It’s not as if anyone has never seen a mess like this before.  I remember the sordid days at the private school I went to, all of the arbitrary screaming, crying, and shit throwing.  I suppose that I am now … Continue reading

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Short Film: Zeus’ Plateau

Zeus’ Plateau from Spencer Starnes on Vimeo. It’s called Zeus’ Plateau, a name that somehow stuck to the apartment. It stars myself, and my room mate Jordan. My friend Mickey, has never touched a video camera. He was the perfect … Continue reading

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Harmony Korine’s Hand Created, Limited Edition, “Trash Humpers” VHS

As promised on tonight’s show, Here are the pictures of my limited edition (only two hundred in the entire world) hand created VHS copy of Harmony Korine’s nightmare fuel “Trash Humpers”. It arrived in my mailbox tucked away in a … Continue reading

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Bora Bora in Super 8mm!

A while back you may have read my investigative report No Tears for Bora Bora, an interesting look at a corrupt government in the French paradise. Full disclosure: it was also a great vacation spot (obviously) and I have recently just … Continue reading

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Photography: Philadelphia in August

All photos taken on a Mamiya RB67 with ether Provia 400 or Velvia 50. Copyright Spencer Starnes 2010 More Images after the break.

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Portraits: Danci Dann

These images are portraits of fellow writer, Danci Dann. I’m posting them for a couple reasons. First and foremost, I love this film stock. Secondly, the camera shop that developed these did an amazing job for an very low price. Copyright 2010 … Continue reading

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Looking Back: Emulation of William Eggleston.

Looking back, at the work created and the article that I wrote for my previous blog I can see some obvious mistakes in my approach. The assignment, was to emulate an assigned photographer. With a lot of difficulty, and time … Continue reading

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