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Harmony Korine’s Hand Created, Limited Edition, “Trash Humpers” VHS

As promised on tonight’s show, Here are the pictures of my limited edition (only two hundred in the entire world) hand created VHS copy of Harmony Korine’s nightmare fuel “Trash Humpers”. It arrived in my mailbox tucked away in a … Continue reading

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BioShock: Infinite. A city in the sky.

On Wednesday, August 11, Ken Levine, creative director of Irrational Games (BioShock 1, Tribes: Vengeance, and Freedom Force) announced the project that the company has been working on for the previous two years: BioShock: Infinite. As a stark contrast to … Continue reading

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Bizarro British: Three Crazy Animators

Everyone knows the Brits have their quirks… from architecture, to music, to food, to fashion and to, the subject of this post, animation.  Three animators: Cyriak Harris, Jonti Picking, and Joel Veitch have made some of the funniest, catchiest, and … Continue reading

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The Fraternal Order of Capital Punishers

By most accounts, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea don’t have much in common with The United States of America, at least not politically. If we expand the list to include Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan it would begin … Continue reading

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Buzz Lightyear: The NASA Space Logs

(Photo courtesty of Yes, really.) Our favorite space ranger has returned from the longest space mission ever performed by an astronaut. Buzz spent “over 450 days in space” at the International Space Station working alongside astronauts from across the … Continue reading

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